Thu O'Mahony - Notary Service

Tel (925) 787-4338

Address: 584 Center St., Moraga, CA 94556

between CVS and Home Goods 


Providing the best Notary service in Moraga, Rheem and surrounds

Available at the All In The Cut Hair Salon in Rheem Shopping Center - between CVS and Home Goods

Please phone ahead to check availability

Fee:    $15 per signature per page notarized

Bonded, Insured and Experienced

Tuesday              9am - 7pm
Wednesday        9am - 7pm
Friday                   9am - 5pm
Saturday             9am - 5pm
Sunday              10am - 5pm (call)

Signing Services

power of attorney affidavit healthcare directive
quitclaim deed mortgage trust
grant deed power of attorney living trust
authorization warranty deed probate
document custodian estate loans

What is a Notary Public?

 A Notary Public is a state appointed individual who provides services to the public. The Notary verifies the signer’s identity using their approved identification and takes acknowledgment of the signer executing the document, or administers an oath and witnesses the signing of the document. The Notary Public does not give legal advice, complete documents, or verify that the documents are true or legally binding. The CA Notary Public only verifies the person’s identity.